Большие универсальные фильтры газа-носителя Аджилент

Big universal traps utilize a layered, multi-adsorbent bed packing of the most effective, highest-capacity adsorbent materials available today for the removal of oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide from helium gas streams.

Part Number




Big Universal Trap, 1/4" fittings, Helium



Big Universal Trap, 1/8" fittings, Hydrogen



Big Universal Trap, 1/4" fittings, Hydrogen



Big Universal Trap, 1/8" fittings, Nitrogen



Big Universal Trap, 1/4" fittings, Nitrogen



Clip, trap mounting, universal 2 - 2-1/2 in od (2)



Trap, U-shape, #11-VPH-Trap, stamp 11



Trap, U-shape, Tenax, stamp 1A



RMSH-2 - Big Universal Trap, 1/8" fttgs, Helium


One Big Universal Trap unit will easily purify the contents of thirteen "K" size cylinders of 99.997% purity helium to a cumulative level of 100 parts per billion of O2, H2O, CO2, CO and hydrocarbons at a flow rate of up to 8 liters/minute. All tube fittings are Swagelok brand stainless steel, fitted with 40 micron stainless steel frits for particulate control. Maximum pressure is 500 psi.

Big Universal Traps are more economical than other purifiers. They cost only slightly more than competitive products, but offer nearly three times the capacity.

Big Universal Traps are ideal for any GC or GC/MS application where helium is employed and assurance of purity is essential. Combining the contents of three individual in-line traps into a single unit reduces the number of potential leaks and the possibility of aspirating contaminants into the gas stream. A single purifier also simplifies installation and replacement.

Big Universal Trap Specifications

Capacity Data
High Purity Helium 99.997% Removal Capacity
O2 <5 ppm 1.07 L
THC* <1 ppm 20 g
H2O <5 ppm 46 g

*Total Hydrocarbons, analysis limited to three contaminate groups

Effluent Concentration
Research Grade Helium 99.9999%
Impurities <1.0 ppm
N2 <0.5 ppm
O2 <0.5 ppm
THC* <0.1 ppm
CO+CO2 <0.1 ppm
H2O <0.2 ppm
H2 <0.2 ppm
Ar <0.1 ppm
Ne <0.5 ppm

*Total Hydrocarbons, analysis limited to three contaminate groups

  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 500 PSIG
  • Maximum Temperature Rating: 100 ºC
  • Maximum Flow Up: to 8 liters/min
  • Total residual impurities based on (5) target contaminants above: <100 ppb
  • Resultant gas purity, based on the adsorption of O2, H2O, CO2, CO, and hydrocarbons: 99.99999%

Capacity of Big Universal Helium Trap to treat ultra pure helium (purity level 99.999%) to maximum efficiency based on typical analysis of Grade 5 helium: >4,000 ft3

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